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Why get when you can have as your email address?

Sign up for a web based email address at and take advantage of an ad free, powerful, extremely well-featured, fast, and user friendly web based email address.

Here is a run down of what to expect:

Access your web based email address anytime, anywhere.
Generous space up to 50 MB
Large attachment size up to 25 MB
True Spam Free Virus Free web based email address
Create your custom folders
Setup delivery filters to organize your messages
Fully functional Address Book with nickname support
Preview any message before opening it
Send and receive text and HTML messages
Check remote POP3 mailboxes (Up to 3)
Full MIME support for sending/receiving of multiple attachments
Spell checking of outgoing messages prior to sending
Classy, professional and all canadian layout
Completely ad-free
From $2 CDN per month
Spam Free Virus Free email

We have installed a variety of programs that efficiently act together to prevent viruses from reaching your web based email address and to tag spam messages as such.
For those that escape detection, we have implemented a new weapon in the fight against spam. Basically, you have the ability to preview all messages before reading them. What that does is allow you to determine whether a certain message is something you are interested in reading. You can then delete all non legitimate messages without having to open any of these messages and thereby running the potential risk of letting anyone know that your web based email address is valid (You already opened a certain email message, so your email address must be working. Many spammers use various tags that report back all messages opened). This saves you from getting additional spam in the future.

In short, you get  a True Spam Free Virus Free experience.

Message management:
Sort messages by sender, date, and subject.
Apply custom filters to delete, or move messages in bulk.
Create your own custom folders to organize your messages.
Ability to specify how many messages are displayed per page.
Wide control over the behavior of the system regarding messages forwarded or replied to.
Search all messages based on criteria related to subject, body, date, sender, and attachments.
Sending messages:
Send messages as Text or HTML.
Powerful WYSIWYG HTML editor allowing you to send messages in HTML.
When sending HTML email (rich text), a text version is automatically created for email readers that don't support HTML.
Create many signatures and use them in sent messages
Spell check a message before sending
Send one or multiple attachments (up to 25 MB in size)
Address Book:
Click on an address book entry to send a message to that person
Edit, add, and delete entries
Add entry from any email message received
Nickname support
Remote POP3 check:
If you have another POP3 email address somewhere else, you can use your new web based email address to check your messages there and have them downloaded to your account here. You can also opt to leave messages in remote location or delete them. Perfect for when you are on vacation and have no access to your POP3 client (Outlook Express, Eudora).