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1: Server side spam filtering and virus protection that tags subject of spam and virus containing emails. A mail filter then allows you to decide whether these tagged messages should be moved to a custom folder or trash or simply deleted.

2:  The space used and the total space available is always viewable

3:  The ability to search messages can not be easier. The search box is always present; just enter what you are searching for and all including messages body text is searched. Advanced search gives numerous options and makes search faster and more specific.

4. The folders list is always present with number of unread messages displayed in bold  next to each folder.

5. Full support for MIME attachments. Ability for multiple attachments in same message

6. Option to Spell Check messages prior to sending.

7.  WYSIWYG HTML Editor to send messages in HTML

8. Import entries from address book into 'to', 'cc', and/or 'bcc' fields

9. Specify message sending priority: Normal, high, medium,  and low

10. Folders management page allows filters to be applied on existing messages of one or more messages in one click. Ability to add, edit and delete custom folders. Ability to empty a folder or delete duplicates.

11. Ability to preview a message without opening it thereby being able to determine whatever is spam without needing to open it. This is extremely valuable as it prevents spammers that track their messages to know that you opened that message and accordingly proved that your email address is valid.

12. Numerous options giving tremendous flexibility and control over every single aspect of the email address.

13. Setup up to three external POP3 accounts and have their messages downloaded automatically or upon demand to your email account. Ability to specify whether the POP3 messages downloaded should remain on remote server or be deleted.

14. Ability to create  many signatures and specify which to be used when sending a certain message








Folder Management

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POP email setup